April 21st:  7pm GMT/ 2pm EST/ 11am PST

Meet 7 Incredible Leaders of 6 Global Women’s Organizations




You are Invited to the Global Conversation Amongst Women where we will address key areas that have affected many women, especially those that are entrepreneurs, leaders and game changers.

We have selected group leaders and innovative entrepreneurs to share with you how they are overcoming the pandemic and the global shift they are experiencing along with incredible information on success and business growth.

Wednesday April 21st, 2021 at 7pm GMT/ 3pm AST/ 2pm EST/ 1pm CST/ 12pm MST/ 11am PST
Duration: 2 Hours of Conversation

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Topics Being Discussed Include but Not Limited To: Branding, Overcome Your Obstacles, Leadership,

Entrepreneurship in the New Paradigm, Work Life Balance and Money and Creating Connections.


From Tonya's Idea of... How do I connect the world of fabulous people together?  She has created along with an inner circle of incredible experts a unique platform where business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs feel safe to do business because of the community that is being formed within BeeKonnected.  Make sure you take a peek while you are here!

Tonya Hofmann

  • CEO and Co-Founder of BeeKonnected
  • Former CEO and Founder of the Public Speakers Association
  • Author of 8 Best Selling books 
  • Internationally Sought After Speaker
  • Cover of 5 Magazines
  • Winner of Association, Chambers, Organizations Awards such as EwomenNetwork Match Maker of the Year, EBC Global Mentor Award, EMI Award from the Texas Black Women Expo and many more!

The Women's Information Network is a Global Community of Women Helping Women Live Their Best Lives through Celebration, Self-Improvement, and Service.

Dr. Paula Fellingham

  • Recipient of a Doctorate of Education in Human Relations.
  • Recipient of Presidential Awards: U.S. Presidents- George W. Bush, Barack Obama & Donald Trump.
  • Author of 8 books and 12 educational courses.
  • Co-presenter of over 400 live events in 152 nations.
  • Former radio show host of a daily two-hour show.
  • Founder of the Women's Information Network, the Women of the Middle East Network, the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative, and Women of Excellence, Women of Faith.






Serving women on six continents, TheGSEW is committed to the individual and collective empowerment of women based on its belief that all women have the right - and the responsibility - to grow personally, and professionally and to the degree they chose.


Beth Johnston

  • Founder, The Global Society of Empowered Women (TheGSEW)
  • Publisher of Inspirational Women’s Magazine
  • Architect that grew 3 companies to their highest earnings and profitability
  • Two-time patent designer and holder
  • Metaphorical Mentor and Coach






Global Sisterhood and the Inspiring Lives International, Inspiring Lives Magazine educates, provides resources and networks with women and girls internationally.  By forming connections and supporting each other's missions and movements, we provide sustainable ways women throughout the world make their dreams and goals a reality.

Dr. Shellie Hipsky

  • CEO of Inspiring Lives International, editor-in-chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine, and Executive Director of the Global Sisterhood
  •  Former tenured professor turned CEO/Mompreneur 
  • Awards such as: "Best Women in Business", "Entrepreneur of the Year", "Woman of Achievement", "Outstanding Professional Character" and many more
  • 13 Time #1 International Bestselling Author
  •  Featured CEO and Empowerment Coach with ABC, FOX, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Thrive Global, etc.
  • Keynote Speaker internationally from the University of Oxford in England to Passions to Profits in Hollywood





Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, a loyal community of women helping each other prosper through collaboration, mentorship, accountability, support, wisdom, and lead generation since 2003.

Christie Ruffino

  • President and founder
  • Serial entrepreneur for over 35 years, launching two successful six-figure businesses.
  • #1 Best-Selling Author with 13 books.
  • Featured on Inc.com, WGN Radio, and The Morning Blend TV Show.
  • Created the media favorite Overcoming Mediocrity Book Project and Podcast.
  • Helps success-driven female entrepreneurs build a purpose-driven business that makes more money and helps more people.
  • Swears she will NEVER skydive but is addicted to triple-digit speeds down open country roads on her 2013 Harley Davidson Streetglide.







Women’s Impact Academy is an on-line educational platform and virtual community that connects, empowers and educates women in various aspects of their lives. Come for the Connection, stay for the Creation and  be a part of the Contribution.

Sandy Gonzalez

  • Personal Transformation Coach for Women’s Impact Academy
  • A wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur
  • Passionate about helping others overcome adversity and achieve their goals.
  • Transformed her life from being homeless at 17, a single mother at 20 to a successful Transformation Coach and leader in her industry.
  • Master’s Degree in Education
  • Appeared as a guest on the Dr. Oz Show





GEPBW is a global organization for black professional women to network and empower women to  share business knowledge, encourage awareness on world issues that affect women’s businesses, professional and personal well-being. A safe space for women to connect and collaborate.

Bea Baylor
  • President of Global Empowerment of Professional Black Women
  • A High, Performance Coach with 15 plus years of experience and CEO of Bea Baylor Coaching  LLC
  • Creator of Propelling Your Business to Soar
  • An Expert on Influencing and Building Relationships
  • Passionate about Teaching Women to shift their Mindset
  • Executive Producer of Women's Business Sense Network TV
  • Global Nonprofit Consultant 








BeeKonnected is the Place to Build Real Business Relationships without the Spam or Trolls! Grow Your Business in BeeKonnected so You can BeeSeen, BeeFound and BeeHeard!

Tracy Repchuk
  • Executive Vice President of Marketing for BeeKonnected
  • Over 23 appearances in Forbes
  • Awards from the Senate, Assembly the White House and President Obama
  • 9 Time #1 International Bestselling Author
  • Featured Technology Specialist for ABC, FOX, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, CITY TV, etc.
  • Started a Software Company at the age of 19 in 1985 and Internet Pioneer
Grab your seat and get ready to have fun!
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